IKI ships Koi for the best breeders in Japan. We have expertise in shipping high-grade and very big Koi from Japan to Taiwan and from Taiwan to many cities, such as:

  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Miami, Florida
  • Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Beijing, China
  • Shanghai, China
  • Guangzhou, China
  • Miami, USA
  • Los Angeles, USA
  • Washington DC, USA
  • Moskow, Russia
  • Amsterdam, Holland
  • Paris, France

If you don’t see your city on the list, please inquire.

Our supply chains follow a legal, certified and professional model, bringing high-grade Koi to consumers along the supply chain.


IKI uses government facilities that are dedicated to shipping fish, where customs and health inspections are close by and can be scheduled according to shipment schedules. Individual shipments are isolated and quarantained.


A chain of custody involves professional keeping and health checking of Koi at every stage within the supply chain.

Our activity in education, research and certification allows IKI to establish secure supply-chain channels for transporting and handling Koi. The transparent standards of service and quality, alongside the standards enforced for certification, position IKI to create this very valuable infrastructure.

Certified businesses become part of the “chain of custody”, where all supply chain members handling fish are clearly identified, tests are taken and controls are in place. The benefits of a chain of custody and certified businesses become amplified during periods of health concerns within the market.


Health check involving blood tests and virology, ultra sound to determine the gender and state of eggs, use of X-ray to ensure Koi bones and bubble are without problem. The Koi get chipped and receive a IKI certificate in addition to the certificate of origin by the Koifarm (e.g. Sakai or Sing Chang).

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All Koi sold by IKI are of high-grade with certified origins. They are purchased, shipped and handled with the uttermost care. A number of health checks are applied as detailed below

Our suppliers include the most notable Koi farms in Japan and Taiwan, among time Sakai Fishfarm and Sing Chang Koifarm of Taiwan.

Shipping boxes

Every shipment uses cardboard, plastic and poly-boxes that are designed by IKI Taiwan, in order to ensure Koi health, stable temperatures and minimum stress for Koi.

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