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Expert courses

IKI aims to provide knowledge and new research insights for the full spectrum of the Koi industry, ranging from enthusiasts to koi breeders. The curriculum covers a wide selection of relevant topics, including basic Koi appreciation and Koi keeping, as well as more advanced topics, such as Koi health, treatment, running a Koi business and breeding.


Lecturers include professor Zhang of the National Pingtung Universtiy of Science and Technology, Kentaro Saki of Sakai Fishfarm in Japan and the CEO of IKI, Ms. Chung Yingying, who has been lecturing at universities, government agencies and Koi associations for a number of years.


Online and offline courses

Courses can be taken at IKI, in Taiwan, at partner institutions in China and some online. Our model follows a “freemium” approach where most courses are offered free of charge and only premium courses require tuition. Students that take the free courses and sign up for a certification-track pay a low examination fee and – upon passing the exams – get certified in their mastery of the course subject by IKI, they receive a certificate.

Some premium courses are offered at IKI in Taiwan and at select locations in mainland China. These courses are targeted at industry professionals and premium Koi keepers. Here the course model incorporates the student’s Koi keeping environment and situation.

Courses thought in China often coincide with Koi shows and take place before, during or after the show. Please contact us for more details.

Certified mastery

Upon successful completion of a course and passing exams, our students are awarded a certificate indicating their mastery of the course subject. Students part of a signature course are able to proof their skills, mastery of subject and ability to their peers, customers and employers within the Koi industry.

Professional certification

On the professional track, IKI also offers industry-specific courses that focus on supply chain members, their operations and facilities. Here our clients are educated, tested and upon passing examination get certified as well. Facilities and operations are subject to unannounced surprise inspections. Certified facilities and operations stand apart by their professionalism, creating customer trust and get exposure.

General Information

Upcoming courses are listed below. Most courses will be held at IKI or NPUST in the south of Taiwan. Seminars for advanced Koi keepers and industry experts are usually held at IKI and partner institutions.

Informations on research programs, internships and intensive courses will be made public shortly. Courses are generally held in Chinese, some courses are held in English.

Course List:

  • The main varieties of Koi (Kohaku, Sanke, Showa)
  • Extended varieties of Koi
  • Koi keeping
  • Koi health
  • Koi transport
  • Koishows
  • Koi purchasing
  • Koi selection
  • Koi sicknesses
  • New technology
  • Koi Food
  • Koi judging - Koi pond
  • Koi appreciation
  • Koi breeding
  • Koi history
  • Koi Business
  • Koi Products
  • Careers in the Koi industry
  • Research in the Koi industry
  • Koi Internships & Apprendices