home-page-header-sakai-yy-tablet2-8 We are an expert-center for education, research and trade, based on the island of Taiwan.


IKI provides courses, lectures, research programs and internships to Koi enthusiasts ranging from beginners to experts. These programs are offered in cooperation with universities, associations and Koi breeders. Courses are held at IKI and partner institutions. Among the lecturers are Koi breeders Kentaro Sakai of Japan, Ms. Chung Yingying of Taiwan, ZNA judges, professors and leading researchers. ..more


IKI cooperates with a number of institutions that are on the forefront of Koi-related research. The fields range from virology, bacteria, business to Koi food. Partner Koi farms actively run experiments, improve their practices and provide feedback. ..more



IKI serves as a trading partner for Koi farms in Japan and Taiwan. We provide high-grade parent Koi that have been tested for fertility and health, certified and issued all necessary papers.

Koi breeders

IKI has direct access to the following japanese Koi farms: Sakai, Omosako, Oogata, Isa, Narita, Dainichi, Momotaro, Marujyu and many other farms in the Niigata region. ..more

In Taiwan IKI provides access to Sing Chang Koi Farm and LUXE Koi Farm, both have won awards at Koi shows in Asia, Europe, America and South Africa.

IKI’s CEO Ms Chung Yingying is a Koi breeder herself and deals directly with these breeders, forming a breeder-trade-link, that ensures a respectful, professional and fact-based way of doing business and access to high-grade Koi. Our customers are Koi dealers and high-grade Koi hobbyists.


Experts in shipping

Our expertise in Koi purchasing, health checking and transporting Koi enables us to ship certified Koi with all necessary papers to breeders all around the world. Koi a packaged in special boxes to ensure optimal health, even on longer shipments. ..destinations

Parent Koi for breeding


Parent Koi undergo a number of tests including ultrasound, X-ray, blood tests and bacteria tests to ensure that they are suitable for breeding and healthy. If deemed suitable, they get certified and shipped to their final destination. ..more

Partner organisations